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Glamlac LLC was founded in 2011 in the EU and is a leading manufacturer in Europe producing beauty products for nails and lashes.

Private Label Trade grew out of the demand to offer a high-quality products made from the best raw materials and high-level service. All the products have undergone strict control both for human health, occupational safety and the environment.

We guarantee following all guidelines: ISO 9001, GMP.

We provide comprehensive product documentation MSDS, CPSR, PIF, CE certificate and guide you with product registrations.

Our ultimate mission is to offer our customers the best experience helping them to create own brand through our professional products. We use the latest technology for packaging and for product development. We educate ourselves about the best practice to maintain the highest standards in our industry.

We are the innovators, dreamers and a team of highly skilled and creative professionals, who consistently develop new and needed products.

We export worldwide, currently to 50+ different countries and produce products for 153 different brands and expand every day.

We have been recognized with beauty world AWARDS throughout the years.